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As a photographer, I will ensure that you get the best images to make your property or business look its best in order to appeal to your target audience. 

Why do you need to have high quality photos?

The majority of people initially look for a property online and with so many properties available to see,  high quality images greatly increase the chances of buyers booking a viewing.

Taking photographs with good lighting, at the correct angle and choosing the correct focal point will give your property an advantage over others. 


Just as a perfectly decorated home will go for a higher price than a similar property that is in need of renovation, well presented pictures will impact on how people feel about your asking price. You need to ensure that you present your property to its fullest potential.

When preparing to sell a house people often give it a new coat of paint, tidy up the garden, and give it a good clean.  So, after you have gone to so much effort to make your home really stand out. If you don’t have great pictures, all your home improvement efforts may be wasted. 

Why should you pay for photos when the Estate Agents include it in their fee?

The use of a professional photographer over someone without training and experience can reap huge rewards from engaging more online views, encouraging more in person viewings to ultimately a successful offer!

I am more than happy to work  with Estate Agents and owners to deliver the photographic results you need and help maximise the sale potential. 


​It is important to encourage people looking online to click on your property and it is the great pictures that are going to play a huge part in that first step to achieving viewings.

​People create shortlists based on many things, and the pictures on a website greatly help buyers choose properties they want to view. Pictures are likely to be one of the key things that stick in the mind of a buyer so expertly shot images, that accurately represent and flatter your property, give you an advantage over other properties in your area.

Drone / video photography

The use of drones in the property market has also opened up amazing new ways to showcase a property. Reaching new heights, you can now display views that buyers could not before see. Drone photos or fly-by videos are a perfect way to highlight this and give buyers a real feel for your property.

Over 15,000 people around Europe and beyond follow me across 3 social media channels which has a reach of over 100,000 people, so let me photograph, video and help promote your amazing tourist attractions, properties and locations. For more information send me an email.

Aerial view of Chateau Villemonteix WIDE RIGHT - 19th May 2020 - Chris Brookes Photographi
Château de la Chezotte
Château de Lalande

Whatever the occasion, having a great photographic record of an event is now seen as fundamental, for all manner of reasons, whether it be conferences, fundraisers, weddings, christenings or other special events. I have worked with many tourism organisations, hotels and restaurant owners as well as PR agencies.

Aerial View of Jersey Live Festival - 5t
Aerial view of Autumn Sand Art Plemont B
Aerial view of aMaizin Adventure Park ri